Imbedded in a sky of lead


a giant's mumble


a giant's treat


a giant's angry grumble;




As night descends


the sky lit up by angry flashes




War Games. GAMES?


Rehearsals for


another war


Noisy choppers, low flying jets


Outrageously increase the nation's debts


Battle stations feed no starving third world.




Invocation at Midnight



Twelve o'clock!


Clock! Note carefully the hour!


The Devil's horsed upon us now.


Ride Red, ride!





Sound the chase! Speak!


Speak, mouths of brass, bay us the moon,


Earth's dark satellite.





You of the slender throat there, play!


Play Pipes of Pan!


Saxes, drums, guitars, all of you, all, all together now


For us to dance.



Dance? Dance?


You've got ants in your pants, boy!


Here, you! Charlie! for chrissakes! Another drink before we die!



HWS 1943




The affluent effluent 400 stand or stood


for neither evil of for good


but having reached a certain state of grace


infest the place


command its heights


overlook its most attractive sights.


The working class for them is trash


to be bought & sold for cash


but never more than can be spared


lest wealthy pleasures be impaired.


With what repulsive greed


they buy the many things they do not need


oil and diamonds, furs and spice


these lice


their baleful faces


turning up in all


the world's most sheltered places.







Skin-tight jeans & satin evening gowns reveal


precisely what we wish they would conceal;




the-all-too-human ass behind, while at the fore


protuberances that we abhor.




padded out we may suspect


for provocative effect.


& what about those mammary mounds


that Maidenform pretends to keep in bounds,


the ghastly fissure


we are forced to contemplate at leisure,


the nipples node


obscenely peeping out from modesty's abode.


OH! for the days of Quakerish restraint


eye-shadow OUT, no garish paint


whalebone, worsted & blue serge


defied the bestial urge.



HWS c.1980







Well within the time allowed


anger altered, mater plowed


All the honey-covered pills are taken


trees that bear no fruit are shaken


BLAST THE BOOBIES, bill the brats


moss-grown monkeys, mildewed cats


Must we murder mater's mummy?


tie her tubes and slit her tummy?


Vend the vulva, flog the Volvo


you won't be paid to kill the Dodo.



HWS 1984







Life & Death on a Devonshire Pond



Where insects breed


Wagtails walk on floating rafts of weed


and feed


Mindful of the inlets nutrient flow


trout patrol the depths below


rise to gobble flies unwary


themselves to be the wachtful heron's quarry.



HWS 1986

To Tom Ingram Who Loves These Fields so Much



Beneath a cloudless sky


an hundred acre field defies the eye;


so yellow that it seems it must contain


some laboratorial stain, some man-made dye.


Cadmium? Chrome? No bovine piss


produces colour such as this!


"Mad" Vincent would indeed go mad


to sort out from his box a tube


from which such a pigment would exude.


Mustard? Rape?


Amid its saffron blooms a myriad tiny beetles toil.


The farmer meanwhile thinks of plasters, sandwhich spread


and oil



HWS 1992

Alphabetical Doggerel



A is for aardvark


B is for bump


C is for cock-up


D is for dump


E is for effluent


F is for frump


G is for gastric


H is for hump


I is for inmate


J is for jump


K is for knockneed


L is for lumps


N is for nackered


M is for mumps


O is for offal


P is for plump


Q is for quagmire


R is for rump


S is for sordid


T is for thump


U is for upchuck









HWS 1999













As we descend into the darkness


I can still see you.


In the last sunbeam, a fragment of broken glass


I am leading or are you?


Fax me a kiss.